Goodell Gardens is pleased to announce that the organization is the recipient of a $10,800 ECGRA Community Assets Grant for the structural remediation and re-roofing of the historic Goodell Bank Barn. The Barn, which was originally placed in its  current location on a field stone foundation built by George Goodell in 1885, serves as the cornerstone of the Goodell Homestead corner of the 78-acre site. George built the barn by relocating two previously-existing barns onto the new foundation here at the farm.

This project, which was completed during the 2013 season, was the first step in the preservation and adaptive re-use of this iconic building on the Goodell site. Now that the Bank Barn is structurally stable, with a beautiful new roof that will keep the weather out, Goodell Gardens staff, Board and contractors have begun planning the next phases to preserving this beautiful building and, in the next few years, bringing it online to be used as a programming and events space once it is safe for public visitation.

Please join our Board, staff and members in thanking the Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority for supporting this worthwhile project.