Buy a Board – Bank Barn Capital Campaign

Buy a board... become a "Board Member" at Goodell Gardens & Homestead!

By contributing to our Bank Barn Fund, your generous donation will help us finish the exterior of the historic Bank Barn, which was set on its current foundation in 1885 by George Goodell.

Goodell Gardens & Homestead's Board of Directors and staff recognized the historic value of this landmark building, and began the multiĀ­-year restoration project in 2013, when we received grant funding from Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority to assist in underwriting a new roof. For three years, our members and supporters donated to the Bank Barn Fund through our year-end appeal.

In 2016, an angel donor pledged $5,000 per year for four years to help underwrite the costs of rebuilding and restoring the field stone foundation. In 2018, Goodell Gardens was awarded a $5,000 Helping Today Grant from the Erie Community Foundation to aid in finishing the foundation work and adding an electrical service entrance just outside this building, with temporary outlets and lights inside the barn.

Siding replacement began in October 2018 when the entire western wall was resided. In 2019, we plan to replace the siding on the southern elevation, but we need your help! Buy a board today.