We are excited to announce our inaugural season of the guest speaker series at Goodell Gardens! Ten local experts will share their specialized knowledge and skills as we explore a variety of nature-related topics. These sessions will feature informative presentations, engaging make-and-take demonstrations, and numerous opportunities to ask questions and connect with like-minded people.

These programs are offered twice per month from May through mid-September

Session 1: Growing Hardwood and Evergreen Trees – Bonnie Rafferty & Randy Walker (May 4)

Session 2: Creating Backyard Habitats for Herptiles – Mark Lethaby (May 11)

Session 3: Cultivating Community Gardens – Heather Zimmerman (June 1)

Session 4: Raising Monarch Butterflies – Christine Detar & Maria Blakeslee (June 22)

Session 5: Cultivating School Gardens – Doreen Petri & Stephanie Ciner (July 13)

Session 6: Native Seeds for Insect Pollinators – Mark Fiely (July 27)

Session 7: Organic Vegetable Gardening – Garrett Gleeson (August 10)

Session 8: Caring for Raptors at a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center – Carol Holmgren (August 24)

Session 9: Growing Mushrooms at Home – Connie Walker (September 7)

Session 10: Backyard Bees and Sustainability – Stephanie Thauer (September 14)

No refunds