Using Composition for Better Images with Kathy A Welte of Kathy A Welte Photography Sunday, July 21, 2019, 1-3 pm
This workshop is part of our NEW Art in the Garden series, which is sponsored in part by Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and ECGRA – Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority. Please join us in thanking our incredible sponsors for their generous support!  
Composition is very important to your photography skills. It is what draws your attention into an image and its subject. It can either make or break a photo.
You will learn:
  • The Rule of Thirds
  • Depth of Field
  • Framing
  • Leading Lines
  • Distractions
  • Negative Space
  • and so much more
As part of this class we will spend time in the gardens putting what you’ve learned to use, followed by some time to share your photos.
Participants must be familiar with their camera.
Registration is required: