Carrie Goodell in what she called her "Garden of Eden."

Carrie Goodell in what she called her “Garden of Eden.”

Goodell Gardens’ staff refers to the area that was first gardened by Carrie Goodell and her sister, Margaret as “the Heritage Garden.” Many of the plants that thrive here today date back to the Goodell sisters’ time. Most of the large trees and shrubs were planted by Carrie and Margaret, as were many of the spring ephemerals and the native wildflowers located near the cabin.

When visiting the Goodell Heritage Garden, you’ll find collections of Rhododendron & Azaleas, the Pennsylvania State Champion Paper Birch, a Ben Franklin tree, Pennsylvania native species, a Japanese Maple, a Dawn Redwood and more. The Heritage Garden is also the home to Carrie’s Cabin, where the gardens truly got their start.