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Why donate to Goodell Gardens & Homestead? Simply put, Goodell Gardens & Homestead is growing, much like the beautiful plants you will see when you visit our site. From the pre-historic Dawn Red Wood and the Franklinia (or Ben Franklin Tree), which had been thought to be extinct at one time, to the gardens themselves, which had become overgrown from years of limited care, Goodell Gardens & Homestead has begun to bloom once more.
With educational and cultural programming throughout the open season, Goodell Gardens & Homestead provides Edinboro and the surrounding communities with a venue for public gatherings, music, art and lectures. From the Tea Time Talks Lecture Series, which focuses on a variety of topics affecting the modern-day gardener, the music series throughout the summer and other special events, the numbers of people we see come through our garden gate each year continues to increase exponentially. With nearly 7,000 visitors in 2010, Goodell Gardens & Homestead is quickly becoming the place to be in Edinboro. Donations may be made through Paypal (using the form below),can be mailed to Goodell Gardens & Homestead, PO Box 156, Edinboro, PA 16412, dropped off at the Gardens in person during regular business hours, via credit by phone - (814) 734-6699 during regular business hours, or you can provided continued support by becoming a member. Join our Board, members, staff, volunteers and countless others by helping bring this vision to life. Thank you for your consideration. Another great way to support Goodell Gardens, is through Amazon Smile. Once you set your account to support The Goodell Project, Amazon will donate a percentage of each of your purchases to Goodell Gardens at no additional cost to you.
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