Our weekly programs provide an opportunity for visitors of all ages to come together to deepen their understanding of the connections between botany, horticulture, and the natural world. We also offer special programs on local history and classical music. These educational experiences are designed to be informative and engaging for all participants.

Afternoon Sessions: Sundays from 2:30-3:30 pm

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It’s Time to Turn a New Leaf!

Theme: The Diversity of Plants and Their Uses

Description: Are you tired of spending so much time indoors? Are you ready to get outside away from the screen? Come out to Goodell Gardens as we celebrate the colorful, delicious, and healing world of plants! We will investigate edible and medicinal plants and learn some identification tricks for both garden plants and the native flora. Let’s turn a new leaf together as we reconnect to the floral kingdom that sustains us. 

Session 1: Identifying Flowering Plants with Ease (May 1, July 24, September 18)

Session 2: Exploring Edible Wild Plants (May 15, July 17, October 2)

Session 3: The Value of Medicinal Wild Plants (May 29, July 31, September 11)

Examining Our Roots

Theme: Local History

Our community has a rich history of agriculture and ornamental horticulture. In these sessions, we will delve into the past to explore early rural life in Edinboro and the legacy of the Goodell Family. Join us to learn more about the unique story of our town, where you will encounter the fascinating personalities of two women whose gardens live on as our organization enters its third decade. 

Session 1: The Goodell Sisters (May 26)

This event is free to attend but registration is required.

Digging Into the Landscape Around Us

Theme: Unique Features of Our Region 

Learn about what makes Northwestern Pennsylvania so unique! Although many of us have become accustomed to our geographic region, we often overlook many of its distinctive features. What forces have shaped our region’s landforms, and how do our gardens fit within the local landscape and climate? We will explore the answers to these questions and more. Three sessions will enhance participants’ awareness of local watersheds, soils, and microclimates

Session 1: Landforms and Watersheds (June 5)

Session 2: All About Soils (June 19)

Session 3: Hardiness and Microclimates (June 26)

Let’s Get Down to Earth – Green Practices in Gardening

Theme: Sustainable Horticulture

Our natural world faces a barrage of threats. Pollution, waste, habitat degradation, and energy consumption continue to plague our planet at local, national, and global scales. We often think of gardening as a way to connect to nature, but many traditional horticultural practices can exacerbate environmental problems. In these sessions, we will examine how to minimize our impact on the earth through natural composting and organic pest control

Session 1: The Art and Science of Composting (July 3)

Session 2: Organic Pest Control (July 10)

Classical Music in the Garden

Theme: Gardening, Culture, Imagination, and the Arts

Various art forms communicate values and ideas, portray beauty and elegance, and express powerful feelings. They can also inspire us to reflect on our relationship with the natural world. Spread over three sessions, visitors will learn how classical music can enhance your appreciation of the wonderful world of gardening and plants. Come out to Goodell Gardens to be inspired! 

Session 1: Baroque and Classical Music (August 7) 

Session 2: Music of the Romantic Era (September 4)

Session 3: Music in the Twentieth Century (October 9) 

Take Your Plant Palette to the Next Level!

Theme: Special Types of Plants

In these sessions, we will explore some categories of flowering plants and a rich array of species that can enrich your gardening palette. After delving into the incredible nature of underwater flowers, we will examine the textural diversity of grass-like plants. These sessions provide an excellent opportunity to broaden your horticultural horizons beyond the common herbaceous perennials found in so many backyard gardens. 

Session 1: Aquatic Wonders (August 14)

Session 2: Graceful Grasses (August 28)

Beauty Beyond Blooms

Theme: The World of Non-Flowering Plants

In our quest for dazzling blooms, we often overlook the enchanting beauty of non-flowering plants. In these exciting sessions, we will explore the remarkable diversity of ferns, mosses, and conifers. Participants will learn how to recognize several distinctive species, and ways to incorporate their charm into the landscape. With their high tolerance for shade and low maintenance requirements, these ancient plants have so much to offer! 

Session 1: Fantastic Ferns (October 16)

Session 2: Mosses: A World in Miniature (October 23)

Session 3: Caring for Conifers (October 30)

A Special Events Grant from the Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority helps make these programs possible.