Our public programs provide an opportunity for visitors of all ages to come together to deepen their understanding of the connections between botany, horticulture, history, culture, and the natural world. These educational experiences are designed to be informative and engaging for all participants. 

Led by Education Coordinator Andrew, our 2024 programs will be offered on select Sundays, starting at 3 pm.

Bittersweet Beauties
Some of the most charming plants have a dark side. Participants will learn about attractive but invasive species that should not be planted, and alluring poisonous plants that must be treated with caution. Building a deeper understanding of these plants can enhance our appreciation for the plant world. 

Session 1: Troublesome Temptations – Invasive Species (June 23)
Session 2: Dangerous Delights – Poisonous Plants (June 30)

Wild Wonders
Join us for a celebration of the colorful, delicious, and healing world of plants! We will investigate how to forage for edible and medicinal plants and learn some helpful identification tricks for both garden plants and the native flora. 

Session 1: Foraging for Edible Plants (July 7)
Session 2: Foraging for Medicinal Plants (July 14)
Session 3: Wildflower Identification (July 21)

Nature’s Gardens
Build your connection to the unique treasures of our ecoregion! We will take a virtual tour of aquatic, wetland, and terrestrial plant communities throughout northwestern Pennsylvania. Group discussion will focus on environmental issues affecting these places and possible solutions. 

Session 1: Wetland Wonders (July 28)
Session 2: Terrestrial Treasures (August 4)

Gardening and the Arts
Throughout history, the human imagination has come under the enchanting spell of gardening. Many creative individuals have turned to ornamental plantings and natural spaces to find solitude and derive inspiration for their works. These sessions explore how symphonic music, garden design, and nature writing can enhance your appreciation of the outdoors. 

Session 1: Classical Music in the Garden (August 25)
Session 2: Landscape Design Around the World (September 1)
Session 3: Environmental Literature in the US (September 8)

We offer discounted admission to all members of Goodell Gardens & Homestead, and free admission to members at the Patron & Benefactor levels. Want to join? Click here.

A Special Events Grant from the Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority helps make these programs possible.